Japanese study Cathy Freeman for their high school finals

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According to K-ON!!, Cathy Freeman is an important part of the Japanese high school curriculum.

CANAAN – Where did they get that voice actor from?

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Canaan 1 00

Wow, has it really been over 2 months since my last post? Looks like I failed to finish blogging a series yet again. T_T *goes to find excuse for the MIA*

Oh yes it had something to do with the worst course ever conceived, leaving me completely demoralised and mentally scarred. Not to mention the countless hours of sleep lost. But, I plan to try and forget about that as I check out the new Autumn season.

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Eden of the East – Episode 3

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“Sup, I’m taking a photo of my own emo face.”

So the conspiracy deepens, at a slow and arduous pace. Not giving away anything substantial, yet providing just enough so it doesn’t feel like a waste of an episode. I guess that means that this is a well written series, which btw is a rarity these days. However, like all animes with a promising premisies, there’s a 67.56% chance it will be ruined by a less than average ending. (Yes I just made that statistic up)

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Eden of the East – Episode 2

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Closer examination of the craters reveal a Fibonacci spiral.

Episode two, and it hasn’t gone completely off the track, which is better than what I can said for most of the series in this season. It’s also playing out to be one of the most oversubbed shows in history. A quick glance over at fansubwiki reveals some 11 groups doing it. I expect over half of them will perform the mysterious disappearing act by next episode. The show is also just as prevalent in the blogsphere, with a quick glance over at Anime Nano yielding some 80+ entries, and this is only the second episode. I guess this is more a testament of how devoid of creativity the entire anime industry is when we are all willing to sell out to a change in scenery and full frontal nudity. But alas, here I am, selling out to the same rating-grabbing plot devices, and joining the myriad of blogs out there hoping that this won’t turn into a complete waste of time.

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Eden of the East – Episode 1

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As far as first episodes go, this is right up there with Ga-rei Zero. But, we all know where that ended up, so let’s just pray that this doesn’t descend down the same tracks to an abrupt and spectacular derailment. This also happens to be my first post after a long hiatus. There isn’t really a story behind it, other than the fact that last season was seriously demoralising. But, I’m back, and hopefully with enough persistence to actually finish a series for once.

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Japan’s new economic “stimulus” plan: we need more babies

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Japan, in the midst of an unprecedented recession, has asked its corporations to work toward fixing another major problem: the country’s low birthrate. Facing a dwindling birthrate of  1.34, well below the 2.0 needed to maintain the population, Japanese corporations have be asked to let workers go home early to spend time with their families and help Japan with its pressing social problem.

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How do you spend Chinese New Year’s eve?

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First of all, Happy Chinese New Year. Was your New Year’s eve eventful? Living in Sydney has resulted in a distinct lack of interest for Chinese New Year in my family.

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