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USYD gets $4.2m???!?!?!?!

Posted in Culture with tags , on 2 May, 2008 by Yitza

Dr Albert McKern who died in a Japanese PoW camp during WWII left $4.2m to The University of Sydney.

His will stated that,upon the death of the last survivor, ten years were to elapse before the entire holdings were to be sold. Then the money was to be divided three ways between his alma maters (<- I have no idea what that means): Sydney, Yale and Edinburgh universities. In total, US$11 million, of which Usyd gets $4.2m (which seems disproportionately high), is to be spent exactly how Dr McKern wished, “for the sole and special purpose of establishing medical research scholarships for investigation into the causes, prevention and treatment of mental and physical pain and distress during pregnancy, labour and the puerperium“. Which means that none of my Usyd friends will ever see that money hahahaha~

Anyway, you can check out the original article here.

Now that’s just imba. While UNSW has to work hard for its money *cough* ripping off overseas students *cough*, Usyd gets $4.2m from a 66 year old will?


Posted in Anime, Review with tags , on 1 May, 2008 by Yitza

A general rule I adopted in regards to watching anime (actually it’s my friend’s rule I stole); I only form an opinion on an anime once I’ve seen at least 3 episodes of it. So with regards to the new spring/summer 08 season, I’d say now is a good time to start voicing that opinion. With that said, I watch anime purely for enjoyment, so i generally don’t critic it, as I try very hard to find merit in all the anime I watch. However, there have being animes I’ve found very difficult to enjoy. So far, Kanokon is looking like one of them.

Kanokon. It’s about some wimpy-looking boy called Kouta, and some fox-spirit/girl with huge tits named Chizuru. The story so far revolves around her trying to have sex with him at every opportunity, while the Nozomu, some wolf-spirit, interrupts their lewd relationship by latching onto Kouta at every opportunity. Oh yeah and these spirits can merge with human and shoot fireballs based on the strength of their love… Sounds ridiculous? I thought so too. I’m not too worried about ridiculous plots, but it’s the heavy fanservice in this anime that put me off.

It goes from fairly standard…

To quite lewd…

To something that isn’t out of place in a hentai…

Although I enjoy my fanservice animes, as any guy would, the level in this one is closer to that of some hentai. All that ecchi content between voluptuous Chizuru and prepubescent Kouta simply feels wrong.

Now, there does seem to be less fan service in the episode 3, and the writers seemed to have tried to put in some semblance of a story. However, the fan service are so excessive, it distracts me from the actual story.

The final nail on this misguided disaster is that none of the characters are likable. We have Kouta, with less personality than a door knob and the emotion span of a goldfish, on one side, and Chizuru, insatiable sexual appetite filling a pair of massive boobs. Together, they fail to strike any comical effect of the audience but rather make them cringe at the ecchi endeavours they undertake.

So far, this would not be an anime I would recommend. With that said, I will most likely still finish watching it as I don’t like to leave incomplete anime series.