Incest Psychology

A few days ago, one of my friends asked me the most bizarre question. Bizarre because it involves psychology, incest, apocalypse etc. Question and my answer after the jump.


In a post-apocalyptic world, you and your partner are the only people left on Earth. (think at the end of Evangelion) Obviously you two will reproduce to repopulate the species. However, assuming that after having your first child, who is of the opposite sex to you, your partner becomes infertile. Would you then have sex with your child, after he/she grows up obviously, in order to continue repopulating the species? Of course assume that your child is willing, and your not actually raping him/her if you are choosing to have sex with him/her.

Okay, the way I see, it there are three possible scenarios:

  • You have sex with you child, ignoring your own moral standings, for the greater good of humanity.
  • You refuse, taking the moral high ground, and allowing the entire human species to proceed into extinction.
  • You are just a pervert that gets turned on by the idea of incest.

As for my opinion? I refuse to participate in incest, at least not with my own child. (the question of how distant the relationship needs to be, for it not be considered incest, is a topic for discussion on another day) The reason is pretty conceited. I think incest is wrong, and I’m not noble enough to scar my own conscience even for something as noble as saving the species.

On the other hand, I’ve watch a few animes with incest in them. Does that make me a hypocrite? Most people would consider murder as immoral, evil, bad etc, yet they still play video games where they actively kill people. I’m pretty sure they are not condoning murder. So I guess that makes me a keen observer of incest and determined non-participant?

Anyway, what would you do in that situation? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

11 Responses to “Incest Psychology”

  1. Humanity sucks. 2nd option for the moral good.

  2. 2nd option…of course. Though no one knows what they would do in that situation…least I do not think so.

  3. That was kind of surprising, all my friends seemed willing to rape reproduce with their kids. Either they all believe in the greater good, or they are all just sick.

  4. No Incest, for no reason, morally mainly.
    Even if you are cool about it, there 0% chance of repopulate the earth. Let´s see, you have a child which you would have another (grand)son/dauther, then what? They would have to do the same over and over again. There are also illness that comes with incest as you may have heard in the case in Austria shown not long ago in the news. Your Family have no chances of survival, only prolonging the innevitable.

  5. Scientifically speaking the only reasons against incest is that it impedes genetic diversity and increase the possibility of genetic defects. It is only regarded as immoral in society because it is so deeply ingrained as taboo in our cultural ideology. There is also a general consensus that we have an instinctual aversion towards incest, but there’s nothing conclusive on the matter.

    There is every chance that continued incest would repopulate the Earth. Incest does not actually cause illness, it simply increases the chance for a genetic defect that you carry, to be passed on and appear in your child. Even if the defective gene is passed on, there’s no guarantee that it is displayed in the child. Even though such inbreeding may create all sorts of problems that’s not the point of the question. The question is just to find out if you are willing to eliminate any chance for humanity to continue because it goes against your morals.

  6. who is all of your friends?!
    i never answered it, and btw, option2! it’s just plain wrong
    just continue having sex with your spouse till she dies, then masturbate XD

  7. Hey, I finally found this blog. I remember we had a very nice discussion about this. Moral discussion with Yitza can be quite entertaining. Your opinion often fascinates me.

    Although you say you stand on the moral high ground, Yitza, you nevertheless mentioned that if the situation were reversed – if you had 6 male kids and you became infertile, and your wife came to you for advice – you would nevertheless allow, or even encourage, her to commit incest “if she wants” in order to achieve the greater good of repopulating the world.

    What puzzles me is your interest in observing acts of incest and the psycho-analysis underneath it, and your stubborn refusal to commit to it. Do they not conflict somewhat? A passionate interest that you refuse to do for the purpose of upholding your moral standing?

    I wonder which will faze first.

  8. My loli-loving, pedo-friend would definitely opt for the 3rd one.
    As for me, hmm. What are the chances of one losing his mind and killing one’s partner and putting and to humanity? D:

  9. Since it’s you, very high. =P

  10. Quienes dicen q es malo solo simples personas humanas como tu y yo… Por creencias regiliosas. Y en biblia hay incesto también… La vida y las personas solo siguen ejemplos estupidos donde enferman su mente solos por odio envidia etc… Pienso que si repoblaría la humanidad la moral solo es malo si crees q es malo porque así te an enseñado. Pero ami prefiero seguir mis instintos no lo q dice la gente mi puresa desde q era un bebe todavía esta en mi … Y mis ideas son propias no enseñadas por alguien diciéndome que debo hacer .. Bueno es todo … Soy de las personas fuera de lo común como puedes ver soy raro para ti

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