Zero no Tsukaima: Princess no Rondo – Episode 4

Tifa learns to use her mammary glands for strangulation

Another slow filler school episode in what looks to be another train-wreck in this franchise. All we learnt in this episode is that elves stands next to the undead in terms of terrifying qualities, Princess Beatrice has her own SWAT team around on campus, and Tifa’s breasts are still huge.


Tifa appears declaring her intentions to stay at the school. This is a far cry from what she said in the last episode. She obviously had a change of heart after replaying Saito’s cool, soothing encouragements in her head for the hundredth time.

Who said giant boobs can’t be moe

Meanwhile, Louise is suffering from Saito withdrawal symptoms. She is now the one chasing after him to get her daily fix, and she seems to be unable to operate without it.


Tifa has become the most sort after girlfriend on campus because of her breasts charming good looks. Not sure whether that’s a good thing because she gets lots of free presents, or a very bad thing because all the guys look like serial rapists.

The size of the present is proportional to the size of their penis

Princess Beatrice turns out to be the stock spoilt aristocrat, ie extremely boring and unoriginal. I had such high hopes for her to become a pivotal plot drive, but she turned out to be very flat, pun intended.

Between a few rocks and hard places

Tifa decides to reveal her identity as an elf which sparked a witch hunt. In order to prove she isn’t evil, Beatrice tells her to jump into a boiling bot of what looked like creamy chicken soup. Maybe she thought Tifa’s breasts will go well with her Caviar. This would have being the perfect development. One of my most hated character would’ve got knocked off, and they can finally move on with the actual story instead of wasting time with a character nobody cares about. However, Louise just had to get in the way. It seems, the an episode cannot end without Louise blowing something up.

Now would be a good time to run


It was rather strange that the entire class cowered in fear at the sight of Tifa when she revealed her elfish ancestry. Those students are mages in training, capable of casting powerful spells to eliminate their enemies. Plus it was something like thirty to one, and their first reaction was to run away?

Ahh… It’s the giant boob monster!

Louise shows that her arguing prowess extends further than blowing up her opponents. She verbally kicks Beatrice’s ass with her superior knowledge of Vatican legal procedure. It’s still rather unbelievable that no one else knows the l requirements to conduct an inquisition.

Louise is still awesome

Once again, Sheffield and her shady master is missing. I can only imagine all of the fun stuff they are doing right now. Seriously though, the series is slowly dying without her stirring up trouble.


Lightsabers are an overused weapon

“Ah… Louise what did you just poke me with?”

I need to rewatch the first two seasons. So many character I don’t recognise.

Guiche auditions for a toothpaste ad

“Wanna to join us, Seista?”

“Shut up or I’ll circumcise you with this fork!”

When is she going to do something?

Saito isn’t just getting pounded by the girls, now it’s the guys too

There’s a door you know…

Beatrice brought her professional elf cooks for this

Is it me or did their armour just change?

Louise trying out new positions

Tifa’s breast has so many uses

Including keeping old men occupied for hours

“I’m just checking for breast cancer.”

Louise Screencaps

Sad Louise

Vulnerable Louise

Wtf Louise

Shocked Louise

Desperate Louise

About to get sex Louise

Didn’t get sex Louise

Dreaming about sex Louise

3 Responses to “Zero no Tsukaima: Princess no Rondo – Episode 4”

  1. FUNNY!!!
    The blonde dude with messy hair is Julio Cesare (sp?) btw. He’s in the second season, introduced in the 3rd episode. 😛

  2. Four ebay sites

    Zero no Tsukaima: Princess no Rondo – Episode 4 | Yitza in Motion

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