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Zero no Tsukaima: Princess no Rondo – Episode 10

Posted in Anime, Review with tags , , on 15 September, 2008 by Yitza

That guy never fails to scare me

Nobody know how to draw out a series like Zero no Tsukaima. It’s like a stand-up comedian who works his joke for far too long. Even if he has the best punch line of the year, none but the his most die-hard fans care, and most would have already left the room. Okay, I fail at analogies, let’s just say, watching and blogging about this series demoralises me.

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GONZO gets bailed out

Posted in Anime with tags , , on 11 September, 2008 by Yitza

If you remember back to July, I posted on how GDH, the parent holdings company of the Gonzo anime studio, was given a one-year grace period before removal from Tokyo Stock Exchange. Well, according to REUTERS News, GDH will gain 1.9 billion yen ($17.5 million) by the allocation of new shares to a third party, Iwakaze Capital.

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Code Geass Voice Synthesizer

Posted in Otaku with tags , , , on 11 September, 2008 by Yitza

It would seem, we are getting another utterly useless product in the Vocaloid market. (scratch that, the entire market is pointless) This time, the Internet service provider NEC Biglobe is hosting a speech synthesizer service for Code Geass. You can create snippets of dialogue in the voices of Lelouch, his Zero persona and C.C. You can also adjust the pitch, tempo, accent, and the echo effect of the lines. The producers at Sunrise are probably wetting their pants at the idea of firing all their seiyus and making their animes on the back of Vocaloid technology.

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Strike Witches – Episode 5

Posted in Anime, Review with tags , on 7 September, 2008 by Yitza

Rock-mounted landline

As you can see I’ve being procrastinating with Strike Witches. Partly because I’m busy with life, but mostly because I’m just lazy. Since everyone has propably watched this episode already, I’ll just skip the summary and thoughts parts and go straight to the screencaps with my “witty” captions. Of course that has nothing to do with the fact hat I just can’t be bothered to write any real content.

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Yitza joins Team Blue

Posted in Blog with tags on 5 September, 2008 by Yitza

Yitza in Motion has just joined the blogging group Team Blue. Hence the exponential increase in the blogroll. Normally, I only add blogs I actually read to my blogroll, but what the hell, this way I might get reminded to read those blogs.

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Zero no Tsukaima: Princess no Rondo – Episode 9

Posted in Anime, Review with tags , , on 3 September, 2008 by Yitza

Dragons are so moe

Princess no Rondo seems to have perfected the art of giving us just enough to return week after week, yet filling each episode with pointless banter. Of course, that can be said just about any series, but never have I been more expectant before an episode, only to be completely demoralised and disappointed at the end of it.

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