Me licking Sakrash


Yes, I was really bored. If you don’t know who Sakrash is, then you don’t deserve to know. All you need to know is, I won her for a night and there was much licking involved. ^^

WTB> Graphics tablet… but I don’t draw enough to ever need one. ==;

8 Responses to “Me licking Sakrash”


  2. Kairu Ishimaru Says:

    FFFFFFF Profit.

  3. FUCK YOU YITZA! I just searched my own name and this is what i see? fuuuck youuuuu D;<

  4. lol? stop googling your own name. XD

  5. Hands off my Sakrash!

  6. you retards stop googling my name. YES YOU TOO LOUIS

  7. Once again!
    Hands off my Sakrash!

  8. um,., what does sakrash mean?

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