Simpsons is child pr0n

An Australian man has lost his appeal against child pornography charges for possessing images of the Simpsons characters having sex. Supreme Court judge, Justice Michael Adams has ruled that the cartoon depicting sex between characters from The Simpsons is child pornography. This is yet another example of how the political and judical system here makes no sense. Read the rest of the story here.

My thoughts after the jump.

I had always thought that loli in the fictional form was illegal here because the Australian government were a bunch of conservative pricks banning everything that’s remotely offensive. Save the children! Virtual children are children too! But alas, they have proved themselves to not only be pricks but ignorant pricks.

Let’s look at the reason behind this ludicrous ruling, because fictional loli materials “fuel demand for material that does involve the abuse of children.” It’s just a glorified version of the age old question, “Do watching/looking at loli will lead someone to look at child pornography or commit child abuse?” The answer? No. Pedophiles don’t become pedophiles because they’ve looked at too much loli, they’re pedophiles because there’s something mentally wrong with them. In order to fuel demand for child pornography, loli will have to first turn odinary people into pedophiles that want to look at child porn. To argue that loli material “fuels demand for material that does involve the abuse of children” is like arguing that playing violent games will make people want to go and watch murder in real life.

So if loli doesn’t fuel demand by turning people into pedophiles, how does it fuel demand? Well, one can argue that it fuels an established pedophile’s urge to go and find for child porn… ==; Yeah I know, that was lame… I wonder how much Simpsons porn they found on the hard drive of paedophiles in the last police raid. Even if that’s somehow a valid arguement, wouldn’t it be a better use of the taxpayer’s money to actually catch those paedophiles instead of going around prosecuting ordinary citizens.

Loli art (as much as sexual drawings of the Simpsons can be considered art) and Australia never really mixed well. After all, the guys at the top are a bunch of reactionary ignoranmuses who brings us this and this.

15 Responses to “Simpsons is child pr0n”

  1. stop defending your loli issues ><. but yes valid points in regards to gaming etc and mass murderers……..

  2. Yitza, all this article says is that it’s time for you to get off the lolis.

  3. haha, well, I didn’t realize the Australian government were ever interested in cartoons. Good points though!

  4. I prefer to not go to near sexually explicit lolis, and stick with my cute and cuddly ones… like Sakrash. ^^

    But that’s not the point. The points is some poor guy is getting prosecuted by laws based on fallacious logic.

    @blissmo: oh they can be very interested if it has children involved. The politicians here all go hysterical when they get the slightest sniff of child abuse.

  5. lovelyduckie Says:

    Governments simply have too much time on their hands.

  6. more like too much empty election promises, i bet you the net filter, like kevin rudd’s promise of high speed internet matching the rest of the world (and here i’m still lagging on us west), will fail. election promise rarely comes to fruitations.

  7. Well Quoc Bui, are you also saying that Obama will fail to bring change? Certainly an Obama led Democratic party with the old timer Joe Biden, and a FEMALE Secretary of State would be able to have change?

    Then again, they ARE americans…….

    (note the partial sarcasm)

  8. As someone wiser than me once said.
    “All the President is, is a glorified public relations man who spends his time flattering, kissing and kicking people to get them to do what they are supposed to do anyway.”

  9. They’re fighting cartoons because they can’t stop the real thing, they just want to polish their egos a bit after so much fail.

  10. @Persocom: and give the older generation (parents etc), who don’t know any better, the illusion that the government is doing something.

  11. Your arguments are excellent. The judge proves his own incompetence. I think, only the pedophiles are against loli art (because they deny, they are drawn to ungerage girls).
    Just a little fact: Ursula von Leyen, germanys family ministress said it too: Viewing such material produces pedophiles (so judges handling such cases are pedophiles too, SHE said it!), and some weeks ago she displayed some (real) child porn to journalists (Making them pedophiles???). And the police did not bust her for her crimes…
    Not only Australian government is stupid, also the german too!
    Simpsons Pr0n is harmless, so busting people for this is a crime!

  12. lil joker Says:

    WTF iz up wt diz chiz????

  13. high speed internet…

    […]Simpsons is child pr0n « Yitza in Motion[…]…

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  15. Viewers of child pornography who are pedophiles are particularly obsessive about collecting, organizing, categorizing, and labeling their child pornography collection according to age, gender, sex act and fantasy.

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