Worst OP of 2008


I recently checked out the anime, Kurozuka, and I know this is a pretty big claim, but it’s got to have the worst OP of 2008. “Systematic People” by Wagdug Futuristic Unity. It’s one of the few occasions where I actually thought, “holy crap, that’s a bad song”.

I think it was the first time an anime OP contributed to putting me off the series. Though, I’ll probably finish it anyway. The combination of punk and Engrish was… eye opening… in a bad way. A very bad way.

There were a few other shockers this year, but this was the only one that stood out for me.

6 Responses to “Worst OP of 2008”

  1. Not to mention it feel horribly out of place considering the entire mood of the series.
    At least for 2nd op of death note (which pretty much was done in the exact same style, same band everything), it somewhat fit more.

    I’m sure there’s bound to be some random harem show with a worse op though.

  2. Agreed. It would have been better if they had just gone with a regular hard rock piece.

  3. Kairu Ishimaru Says:

    FFFFFF The OP is so wrong. I think it doesnt match the anime. Relevance anyone?

  4. @boo: That’s right, now I remember why this sounded familiar. I remember hating the second op of Death Note as well. I think it’s just music from that band. ==;

    @Jarmel: I think anything would be better than that piece.

    @Kairu Ishimaru: I’ve only seen once episode so… I can’t really tell.

  5. Strange, I actually quite like it haha. Though everyone else I know turns it off when I play it on the car stereo.


    awesome song and definitely not the worst of 2008, i have heard worse. haven’t heard a decent op/ed theme in a while which i would be happy to listen to repeatedly (besides this one…).

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