Viper’s Creed – episode 1


After much deliberation, I’ve decided to blog Viper’s Creed. Everyone seems to be talking about Rideback, so I thought I’d blog about the lesser known mecha anime this season. Also if it makes any difference, it’s not by GONZO, so there’s still a chance it won’t crash and burn like many of GONZO’s animes.



Sigh… I really don’t feel like writing one, so I’ll just summarise the opening narration and the ending monologue.

In the middle of the 21st centaury,global environmental pollution worsened, an economic crisis occurred, and war erupted due to geographic and communications segregation within nations. After that, preeminent persons from each country were gathered in this area. Due to it’s geographical significance, it was named “Fort Diversity”. One of the civilian military companies responsible for maintaining order within Fort Diversity is “Arqon Global Securities”. This is where the heroes with the highest results, “Unit Viper” members, engage in a life and death battle with unmanned weapons; remnants of the war era.

Because of the raised sea level, 35% of the world’s land area was engulfed by the sea. Most of the major cities have been isolated. Eight years since the end of the war, the remaining unmanned weapons, “Bagnet” continue to invade people’s lives from the shadows.

Thoughts/Impressions/Analysis/Whatever I used to call this part


This thing seriously reminds me of those automatons in Gundam 00

The premise of this show, like all scifi animes, is barely plausible. Global warming didn’t get fixed. The economic crisis erupted most likely due to the resulting food shortage and immobilization of infrastructure. (or it could just be America screwing up again) The combination of the two sparked a third world war as people fought over the right to eat. Oh and to keep their feet dry. Anyway, the end result of all that is, we have a city full of geniuses protected by a mercenary police force. Makes perfect sense to me.


Console girls are yummy

Disregarding all of that, because anime was never meant to be analysed, let’s have a look at the cute console girls. They’re called “Operators” and they’re job is to feed vital combat analysis data to the Unit Viper engaged in combat. One would assume this is to prevent the Viper pilots from getting distracted by flashing sign telling them their ass is on fire. It’s obviously a lot less distracting for a cute female voice to describe it all in explicit detail.


“Oi, I haven’t given you permission to pee yet!”

Did I mention the pilots have to ask permission from these console girls in order to transform. I’m sure that is a perfectly viable combat procedure.


Face crawlers!


Transformers, robots in disguise!

And here are the mechas, which I must say do look pretty cool. The CGI was done very well and the 2D/3D blend together well too. Then again, this is only the first episode, so we’ll have to see how the art holds up as the series progress. The art was also one of the main reasons I pick this over Rideback. Not because it was bad, but I simply didn’t like Rideback’s style. Plus, this clearly has the better Engrish theme. XD

Screencaps/Random crap to take up space cos I cbb writing a proper article


Contrary to popular belief, it’s pronounced “Megasoma”


SONAR only works under water, but SONER works wherever there’s Engrish


Did he just get one shoted? Aren’t they the crème de la crème of all pilots in the world?


It’s amazing, the kind of footage they can get in a combat environment.


A headset that doubles as a USB. Do want!


“You mean those weren’t duds?”


“You’re paying for that!”


Ripped straight out of the latest Appleseed movie.


30 second battery life… they need to upgrade to Lithium-ion


The “self-mutilating” bug will be fix in the next firmware update.

Seriously, they can make an AI system smart enough to pretend to be dead, but they can’t program it to not attack itself? Of course, that’s assuming the self mutilation wasn’t already part of its original plans to play dead… Wow… that’s one hax bot. Clearly not a product of Microsoft.


“That’s cheating! ‘Play dead haxs’ are banned!”


Wait… wasn’t he out of power?


“Can you see what I can see?”


“It’s on my screen you idiot!”


WTB> ABS brakes


A kilogram of C4 and a big, red self destruct button are essential in every mecha just in case the pilot needs to go on a suicide mission.


“You’re paying for that as well!”


Overused cliché do not work just because it’s a mecha.


How to run a two way train line with only one track.


Be prepared for a drastic decrease in quality next episode.

I’m genuinely interested in this series now. It will in interesting to see the conflict of interest between duty and money among the characters… Actually, what conflict of interest? Take the money!

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  1. Lol wut?

    Does look interesting.

  2. you sure like to blog!

  3. Very good post. Hope to see much more excellent posts in the future.

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