How NOT to give change


No this is not a guide on how to turn change into “tip”. It’s merely one of my stranger experiences purchasing an Easy Way, which is the biggest (and probably only) milk tea fanchise in Sydney if not Australia. More after the jump.

There I was getting a large honeydew milk tea, which cost $4.70. I gave the girl behind the counter a $5 note, a 50 cent and a 20 cent coin, expecting any normal person to realise I wanted to get rid of some coins, and prompt giving me a dollar coin in change. But apparently dealing with change was never a part of the Easy Way training course, which probably only involves a run down of the drinks’ names. The girl smiled and kindly handed me what you see in that photo.

What’s more bizarre was the fact that she actually deposited my money into the cash register before digging out new coins to hand back to me.

7 Responses to “How NOT to give change”

  1. why not just ask for paper?

  2. I had considered asking her to change it, but the whole thing seemed so stupid, I just walked out.

  3. KYPMbangi Says:

    Ha, she totally digs on you

  4. Wow. There are people like that. :\

  5. don’t they just punch in what they receive into the computer which then calculates change?

    it’s the easy way harr harr

  6. Yes but she didn’t have it to me in 4 coins…

  7. It was only last week that I used a cash register for the first time.How she still gave you $1 in 4 coins, she must be whacked. Easy way ftw!

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