Examurai Sengoku


Has anyone seen Examurai? It sort of came out of the blue. I think it got announced like a week before it first aired. I remember when I first heard about this show, I couldn’t even find a raw to watch. Probably because no-one knew about it. I really should stop checking out new animes and actually watch the second episode of Viper’s Creed. ==;


Look at that animation quality!

Examuri features the seven members of the EXILE song and dance performance unit as the main characters. The anime is produced by EXILE leader Hiroyuki “Hiro” Igarashi, and manga creator Hiroshi Takahashi contributed the original designs. Unfortunately, there lies the problem, the whole thing plays like one big PR gimmick.


It’s photo-realistic!

The episodes even has clips of the group performing… rehearsing… having dinner. Just giving you some background information about the anime necessary for watching it.


Always ground your boats

The story is about the seven samurai in Japan’s Warring States Period. The story takes place in the fictional city of Yasaka. After watching the first two episodes, I can’t really add to that. So far all they’ve done was introduce three of the main characters, and a few fights here and there. There’s next to no semblance of a plot as of yet.


“Oh shit, I can’t swim.”

With that said, the fight scenes range from average to decent. Well, the ones they bothered to anime that is.




I really can’t make any more comments about this show because it really hasn’t given me anything to comment about. So far it just seems rather amateurish attempt to gain more publicity. Then again, maybe it’s because each episode is only 12mins long, and I’ve only really seen one full length episode in the normal sense.


A new challenger has arrived!


Not the guy, the elephant


“I’m here to…”


“hold your hand!”


“This cup is disproportionately small.”


Pistol vs sword. Which will win?


Sword obviously, it’s an anime after all.

2 Responses to “Examurai Sengoku”

  1. were would i watch it

  2. soo i was only able to find 4 eps. r they making anymore episodes?

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