How do you spend Chinese New Year’s eve?


First of all, Happy Chinese New Year. Was your New Year’s eve eventful? Living in Sydney has resulted in a distinct lack of interest for Chinese New Year in my family.


A typical New Year’s eve in my family involves dinner with the whole family, followed by my parents pestering me to stream the Spring Festival Evening Gala for them. Which I will grudgingly do, only for them to watch a couple of skits before claiming that it’s boring and heading off to bed. I would then watch the entire thing simply because I have nothing better to do.


This year they supposedly removed all lip syncing. Even though I’m hesitant to believe in Chinese announcements, I’m inclined to believe this one, considering how horrible some of the singers sounded. Seriously, Jackie Chan can’t sing!

I didn’t really like this year’s Gala. Most of the skits were just lame. Either that or they were just so packed full of culturally specific jokes that I didn’t get them.

5 Responses to “How do you spend Chinese New Year’s eve?”

  1. Happy New Year dude!

    I celebrate it the usual, first day is just a round of visits. Not much on 2nd day really, and subsequent days maybe evening play some rounds of small-time fun in cards with relatives and friends.

  2. i went around taking pictures. ^^;

  3. If by celebrate you mean the usual giant family dinner, then yes.

  4. i believe i celebrated this chinese new year by spending 1 hr walking in the rain between town hall and circular quay

    at least lowenbrau wasn’t bad , i liked my beer.

  5. I stayed at home and play games :3

    Happy New Year to you! ^^

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