Eden of the East – Episode 1


As far as first episodes go, this is right up there with Ga-rei Zero. But, we all know where that ended up, so let’s just pray that this doesn’t descend down the same tracks to an abrupt and spectacular derailment. This also happens to be my first post after a long hiatus. There isn’t really a story behind it, other than the fact that last season was seriously demoralising. But, I’m back, and hopefully with enough persistence to actually finish a series for once.

Anyway, back to the anime. It’s set in Washington DC! Isn’t that awesome, we finally have an anime with a setting outside of Japan and it’s not Gundam! Although, I’m not sure whether it’s a good thing as far as the studio is concerned, who are undoubtedly marketing this to a Japanese audience. But, who cares, I’m enjoying it!


Was DC always this flat?

What else is in this anime? How about full frontal nudity!? Albeit the wrong kind, but it’s awesome and hilarious… in a wrong kind of way…


That’s really long… I’m talking about the number plate

There’s also a cute and airy girl. So… Jason Bourne meets one of the numerous romantic comedies meets lost in translation? And just because they made a reference to it, I’m going to add Taxi in there as well.


Oh no, it’s the genital white scribble infection

Although, after all the awesomeness I just listed, nothing much happened in the first episode. It’s just your standard character and setting introducing first ep, and all we have is a bizarre premise involving a Bourne-esque guy, and a North Korean missile strike. So saying that this show is truly awesome is kind of premature.


No… what happened to Doraemon?

On a side note, did anyone else notice that this show seems to contain a lot of political innuendo? For example, the conversation between Morimi Saki and Takizawa Akira, “It occurred to me that everything, from my puny little worries to world affairs are actually connected to that place [The White House], at the root.” In the current economic and political climate, those are some pretty significant words. Also the missile strike on Japan… I don’t know, it could just be just the producers’ attempt at making the anime more current and believable. We’ll just have to see where this all goes.



“We got a report this morning that a naked guy will make a play for the President.”


“Is that him?”


“Fire in the hole!”


“Nope, it’s her.”


“Here, I’ll give you some clothes.”


“I’m still cold.”


Who knew modem noises was also a memory eraser


“The abuse of greatness is when it disjoins remorse from power”… lolwut?


Leaving your luggage unattended. In DC that’s called terrorism.


“I’ll show you my Johnny if you gimme some pants.”


“So I made Gundam models for a living.”


“Must be very realistic models.”


Mass naked child events


She’s the state appointed penis inspector


I can’t think of a caption that will do this screencap justice ==;


“You drive while I have sex with her, okay?”


“You can keep it, it’s a fake anyway.”

2 Responses to “Eden of the East – Episode 1”

  1. Terrible show.

  2. Not a terrible show.

    Are you Japanese? I need to see your Johnny.

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