Eden of the East – Episode 2


Closer examination of the craters reveal a Fibonacci spiral.

Episode two, and it hasn’t gone completely off the track, which is better than what I can said for most of the series in this season. It’s also playing out to be one of the most oversubbed shows in history. A quick glance over at fansubwiki reveals some 11 groups doing it. I expect over half of them will perform the mysterious disappearing act by next episode. The show is also just as prevalent in the blogsphere, with a quick glance over at Anime Nano yielding some 80+ entries, and this is only the second episode. I guess this is more a testament of how devoid of creativity the entire anime industry is when we are all willing to sell out to a change in scenery and full frontal nudity. But alas, here I am, selling out to the same rating-grabbing plot devices, and joining the myriad of blogs out there hoping that this won’t turn into a complete waste of time.


No waii! Missiles kill people??!!

The one glaring issue I have coming out of this episode is why they would hire proper English voice actor and make the lead character run around Washington if they were going to set the rest of the series in Japan. (Which by the looks of things, is exactly where the rest of the series will take place) Considering how they’re still running the how US and Hollywood references; I’m hoping that it will still unfold as part of the plot, and not just a gimmicky first episode to secure some air time. Maybe there isn’t a decent supply of home-grown terrorists in Japan, so the producers decided to import one from the US.


Yes, leap into the arms of a man who appeared in front of you nude and waving a gun.

Saki is a little too ditsy to be a heroine for me. Not for a show involving terrorists, government conspiracies and random missile attacks. But alas, she’s not the most clueless girl this season, that title will have to go to Yui.


Brazilian reference, this anime is so worldly

Selecao, the only Selecao I’ve ever heard of is the Brazilian national football team. Therefore, I’m going to assume I’m completely off on this reference. Can someone offer more insight?


I wonder what happens if he runs out

Watch this detective has given me a new business strategy. This is how it works. You borrow a large sum of money for yakuza loan sharks and then pay Juiz to kill them once you the get money. Just make sure you turn a profit in the process. This way you get rid of some violent individuals, while lining your own pocket phone. It’s a win win.


Whoever gets merchandising right is going to make billions!

This series, while it’s maintaining my interest is really un-screencap friendly. There’s just not enough random scene worthy of a comment. Either that or my skills are lacking. It will be interesting to see where this shows goes from here. It can either take the romantic drama/comedy route, or the government conspiracy route. Seeing as how it’s only 11 episodes, it’s doubtful it can take both and maintain a decent story pace.



“Hello operator? I’d like to order a pepperoni pizza…”


The ugliest collection of supporting characters


New product resulting from a partnership between Ericsson and Visa


Stalking +1


That’s one way to dig a hole


He’s the organisation’s accountant, and like all accountants, they can’t manage their own money


7 billion and 1 yen


You can tell he’s a real cheapskate


Kate and Leopard? Who the hell watches that and actually remembers? Oh wait, I remember… QQ


“I remeber now, I was the mastermind behind 9/11.”


Wouldn’t it be funny if she found his stash of cash?


“I’m awesome because I can kill people with my fingers.”


Why are you in the line of fire?

One Response to “Eden of the East – Episode 2”

  1. I think I’ve found my blog for this show. 😀 Luff the commentary. That one line, “As long as you have money, there’s no difference between adults and children,” and the fact that they started off in DC leads me to believe there’s gonna be at least a small amount of globetrotting, which I’m all for.

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