Eden of the East – Episode 3


“Sup, I’m taking a photo of my own emo face.”

So the conspiracy deepens, at a slow and arduous pace. Not giving away anything substantial, yet providing just enough so it doesn’t feel like a waste of an episode. I guess that means that this is a well written series, which btw is a rarity these days. However, like all animes with a promising premisies, there’s a 67.56% chance it will be ruined by a less than average ending. (Yes I just made that statistic up)


Out of all the passports he had back in DC, he picked the one with the name he was using previously.

What kind of shopping complex has a mosh pit that doubles as a holding cell for 20,000 NEETs? Better question, how does 20,000 NEETs fail to overpower Akira.  Maybe it was the diet of cup noodles… negative nutrient values.


There goes another 10,000 Yen

What would happen when more than one agent calls Juiz at the same time? I’m running 3 theories at the moment.

1) Juiz is the most advanced voice  synthesis program in the world.

2) Juiz is actually a dodecaplet.

3) India has perfected the art of voice mimicry.


IMDB gave it a 7.4, so I guess it can’t be as bad as… The Kate and Leopold…

Continuing with the movie references, in this episode we have Dawn of the Dead and some French movie called “The Cold Blue”, which is probably the Movie Le Grand Bleu. However, the English translation of the title was The Big Blue, so it’s either an oversight by the writers or very Japan specific. Either ways, the movie choices the writer of this show picks remains just as bizarre.


Can you spell o-b-l-i-v-i-o-u-s?

If your newly acquired boyfriend doesn’t show up for the entire duration of a movie, you might want to go check on him? But no… the only possible explination is that he dumped you. So the most appropriate course of action is to run home to mummy.


This is why credit cards are bad for you

The change was from the coffee and the phone numbers were from the time Saki showed him how to work his phone. (Although, I don’t know why he would write down his own phone number) It just shows that someone has actually sat down and gone through the story board, rather than thinking up these plot devices the night before.


Folks, the dead guy is in the other direction

I must say, re-routing his message to his wife in the hope that she will turn homicidal is one of the most hopefully assassinations I’ve ever heard of. Unless Juiz knew she had a predisposition for murder, there were numerous alternate reactions she could’ve had. Of course, none of this would’ve happened if he invested his money properly; purchase stocks, buy real estate like Akira, put it in a bank? I wonder if you can get interest on it.



If this was a school romance, this would be the gym storeroom


Warning: objects in shadow may appear weirder than they actually are


Actually, that’s pretty weird alright


“Yum, 6 month old dog food.”


“So that’s what and antique looks like.”


Obligatory supporting character cameo; their existance will eventually become apparent


“I pulled an extension all the way from my room.”


Who needs to animate when you can use filters!


“Don’t worry, I’m just shining my shoe on your face.”


“Wanna be a police dog for a day? I heard they get better food.”


Skid marks on the carpet!


The dog has wings, it can fly along!


“See, I’m not dead yet, I’ve still got 7 Yen.”


“Hold on, I like emo faces, it’s why I married you!”

5 Responses to “Eden of the East – Episode 3”

  1. You mean 95%.

  2. darkcloudv2 Says:

    hey i dont really follow your blog
    but when i was looking for stuff on smash in 2008 i found your post
    was wondering if you’re going to smash this year and who from which anime you’re going to do this year?

  3. LOL! yitza doing cosplay?! this i gotta see!

  4. SMASH… ==;
    That’s like in August, so far away!

    @Shadow: My cosplay is just too awesome for you. You’re 9000 years too young to see it.

  5. 9000 too young eh? more like you’re 9000 years too old and perverted! =P

    Did you go smash last year? didn’t know lol

    were you with us in 07?

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