CANAAN – Where did they get that voice actor from?

Canaan 1 00

Wow, has it really been over 2 months since my last post? Looks like I failed to finish blogging a series yet again. T_T *goes to find excuse for the MIA*

Oh yes it had something to do with the worst course ever conceived, leaving me completely demoralised and mentally scarred. Not to mention the countless hours of sleep lost. But, I plan to try and forget about that as I check out the new Autumn season.

Starting with CANAAN, I noticed this particular scene. It seems the studio went out of their way to realistically portray the setting by hiring a Shanghainese voice actor to deliver 2 lines in the local dialect. Unfortunately, they just happened to hire the world’s worst voice actor. I was rewinding a lot to try to make out exactly what he said, plus, it was so out of place it was hilarious. It probably had the reverse effect to their intentions. Then again, it’s not like many people would be able to understand him anyway.

As far as the actual episode is concerned, I thought it was quite decent, although I’ve learnt never to judge a series by the first episode. *cough* Gai-re Zero *cough*Apparently, it’s based on the Type-Moon game, 428: Fūsasareta Shibuya de. I’ve never played it, and I don’t plan to play it, so this show will be completely new to me.

Anyway, the good points of the episode: It had a lot of cute girls.

Canaan 1 01

Canaan 1 03

Canaan 1 04


An awesome gunslinging female lead.

Canaan 1 02

And and enough mystery to keep my attention for a second episode. So a standard first ep by any standard, full of eye candy, I’m just hoping that it has some substance to back it up.


Canaan 1 05

Smoking causes throat cancer.

Canaan 1 06

This has the interior of  Air “Caina” down to a T.

I flew Air China coach like a year ago, and I must say I’m never flying them again. 8 hour flight with nothing to do was not fun. Also, their food suck, and I think they did 2 drink runs through the entire trip.

Canaan 1 07

Pretty, but gives me the impression that they’re trying too hard.

This should be Cheng Huang Miao, I don’t know what the English name for it is. Wiki says it’s “City God Temple”. ==; Last time I was there, it was only half a day. The only reason anyone should be there is if they’re Taoist or a tourist. I was neither. Any local will tell you it’s full of overpriced merchandise and food stuff, designed to rip off ignorant foreigners. For some reason, it build up a reputation for have great food, but that’s a lie, it’s crap and it’s expensive. Okay enough temple bashing, you should really check it out if you ever go to Shanghai.

Canaan 1 08

Awesome new type of composite bullet that can’t go through a stuffed toy.

Canaan 1 09

Eye techniques are so cliched now days.

Canaan 1 10

Did I mention I was a sucker for a cute girl with a gun?

Oh and this series is produced by the studio, P.A. Works. Don’t recognise them? That’s probably because the first and only anime they fully produced was “True Tears” back in 2008. Considering I watched that and can’t really remember much of it anymore, I have a sinking feeling about how this series will turn out.

2 Responses to “CANAAN – Where did they get that voice actor from?”

  1. meh P.A. Works has worked on some good titles and true teers wasn’t so bad.

    the animes coming out this season is quite appalling, i’m only giving 2 or 3 titles a chance.

    cute girls ftw.

  2. P.A. Works has worked on some others, but True Tears was the only one they produced by themselves.

    And, yes I’m finding it hard to find anything worth watching this season too. I guess this is just another step in the decline of the anime industry.

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